Help! I Can't Dream Up Another Meal!

Are you sick of coming up with the weekly meal plans that nobody likes? Join the club! And then, consider this solution…or at least an idea to try out with your family. I recently tried it and it has taken off like gangbusters. Here it is. Are you ready for this rocket science?


Ask each family member to come up with ONE dinner plan for the week.


At first, my girlies were non-chalant. They told me what they wanted for their dinner nights and didn’t think much about it.


Then, when it came time for their nights, they got super involved and took big-time ownership in their meal. They both set the table and put “special things” at each setting.


Surprisingly, they didn’t request mac ‘n cheese or hot dogs, but they did, of course, include a dessert. Here were their meals:


Kidlet (age 7): Fruit salad, grilled lemon-rosemary chicken, green salad with cucumbers, carrots and sunflower seeds with a 3-berry smoothie for dessert.


Little (age 3): Make Your Own Pizzas with celery and salad. Ice cream for dessert.


I was proud. Both meals were extremely healthy options.


I get that it might not be this easy at your house. You might have to let them “win” the first time and then the 2nd time coach them through, saying, “Hmmm, you had mac ‘n cheese for your last turn, do you want to try something different this time?”


Other “coaching” tips:


“Remember, this is YOUR dinner night. You’re in charge. I want you to think about the whole meal. What kind of veggie would you like? Do you want a dessert?”


Make it a big deal for the whole family…”Hey everybody! It’s Daddy’s dinner night tonight! Thank you, Daddy for coming up with such an awesome meal!” (Yes, include your hubster.)


So, if you have two kidlets and one hubby, that is THREE meals that you don’t have to worry about planning!! Plus, it’s totally fun for the whole family.


Do I need to name more benefits because I can?




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