I Took an Emotional Dump!

I knew Day 2 was going to rain down on me the minute I woke up. I tried fighting it and slapping a smile on my face, but it just wasn’t happening. The entire day was filled with ups and downs. Of course, my husband had an evening event that night, so dinner and bedtime were solo. I was hot. I was angry. My ego hurt. My confidence was located somewhere so low it might’ve been in HELL! I yelled. I hurt feelings. I apologized. I was cold.


By the time hubby tip-toed down the steps, I was a weeping willow pile of mush balled up on the couch with the box of Kleenex. I composed myself for a millisecond and then just let it all flood, like lava flowing out of a volcano. I could not stop. It was not the usual cry for me…a minute and then stop. I cried…like I’ve never cried before.


It was wonderful. I infused each one of those tears with every ounce of anger, envy, sadness and dark thought I could sweep out of the corners of my body.


Day 3 was a new day. A fresh start. A new, bright, shiny day of MY life.





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