Love Yourself/Shed Pounds

I recently experienced a slight “slim down” – nothing major, but enough for me to notice. Finally. After working out hard for almost TWO years and really trying to eat healthy, my body shed some pounds. Why did it take me TWO years?


I wouldn’t say I obsessed over losing weight, I just really wanted to get back to a size 8. However, the minute I stepped away from it and focused on just taking care of myself, the extra weight came off. It was when I STOPPED working out hard and took the time for walks outside or opted for alone time at the library instead of a workout that I lost the weight.


I do believe the cleanse I did in April jumpstarted the whole process, but not necessarily because of the food I ate during that time, but because of the “emotional dump” I experienced. I truly let go of some things that had been building up in every corner of my body for years!


That being said, here are a few questions to explore if you’re trying to lose weight:


1. Is there something that nags you everyday…in the back of your mind?

2. Have you been procrastinating taking care of something in your life? It could be as little as filling out some paperwork or as big as apologizing to an old friend.

3. What do you really like to do that you never give yourself the time to do or “permission” to do?

4. When you’re angry or sad about something, do you hold it in?

5. Do you love yourself? How do you give yourself love?


I’m learning more each and every day how health and wellness has everything to do with our emotional state.


Daily Affirmation: I am loved. I am enough.


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