My Kindergartner Likes Pesto Pasta Better Than Mac-N-Cheese!


I stopped in my tracks…wait, what?! “I actually like Pesto Pasta better than Mac-N-Cheese!” my 6-year-old said. It was music to my ears, but I knew I couldn’t let her know how excited I was to hear that. A victory dance might have led to another opposition down the road. So, I calmly replied with, “Huh, that’s interesting.” And then quickly ducked around the corner to revel in my victory with a not-so-pretty (or even close to cool) dance!


I usually opted for Annie’s Mac…in bulk at Costco. I mostly had it on hand for emergency nights or babysitter nights. Then, for some reason, I just didn’t want my girls to eat powdered fake cheese. Even if it was organic, it was still highly processed…powdered cheese.


I began trying to make my own, homemade mac. I thought it was good every time I made it, but the girls each had their own ideas of what it should be and I was not making the mark. “Too thick.” “I like shells best.” “I don’t like onion chunks in mine.”


The list was never-ending! In fact, I’m still determined to make an awesome, healthy mac that both my girls get as excited as they do for Annie’s. But for now, I’ll take the win for Pesto Pasta, especially since the weather is turning and it’s perfect for picnics at the park.


Here’s the recipe…it’s really hard.


Pesto Pasta

Cook pasta.

Add pesto.

Add whatever veggies you want. (My girls go for tomatoes, kalamata olives, and red peppers – sometimes roasted red peppers or sundried tomatoes.) Serve warm or cold.


P.S. My Famous Mac-N-Cheese recipe will be posted here at some point in time!


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