Sledgehammer Your Scale!

Every time I visit someone’s house and visit the restroom, there’s always a grumpy, old scale staring up at me from the floor. It sets my blood on FIRE! I have no idea when this happened, but somewhere along the line I became absolutely, dead against scales and the act of weighing oneself.


Many of you know that I recently weighed myself at the end of the cleanse I recently finished. Even weighing myself for the purpose of “research” was a big decision for me. I just don’t believe that the number on the scale has anything to do with who I am as a human being.


Do the people I meet or walk by think, “hmmm, I bet she weighs 150”? No. A number on a scale does not automatically deem me healthy or unhealthy, it doesn’t know the food I eat, it doesn’t feel my happiness or sadness, it doesn’t know if I’m menstruating or stressed, it doesn’t slide or stuff my body into clothes. A scale is a machine that makes us addicted to its heartless, mechanical approval or disapproval.


Why do many people insist on stepping on the scale as part of their morning ritual, as if they’re brushing their teeth? What is the point, people?! The number on the scale, no matter if it’s a good day or bad day only produces insecurities, guilt and other emotions that don’t usually instigate a life full of carefree happiness.


Step off the scale and put it in the closet. Here’s a thought: throw your scale away! Better yet, take a sledgehammer and destroy the piece of #$%&! You are a person. Your worth is not measured by the number of pounds you weigh. Let your body, mind and soul determine how you feel today.


Instead of stepping on the scale for your morning ritual, try a daily affirmation. Look in the mirror at yourself. Envision love and light pouring over your entire body and wrapping it in liquid, glittery gold. “I am.”


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