5 Unexpected Gifts I Got From My Cleanse

For me, the cleanse was so much more than just not eating certain things. It was an experience that has continued to impact my life…decisions, choices, thoughts, ideas. Granted, it’s only been a week since completion, but I feel different. Like someone hit the ‘refresh’ icon on my computer screen. My body was obviously effected by the cleanse. Fifteen pounds is nothing to scoff at, but unexpectedly and more importantly, I feel the cleanse effected my emotions, intellect and heart. This is what I’ve discovered and in some cases rediscovered about myself:



Before the cleanse, I felt bogged down. No real inspired creativity. And no real DESIRE to even try to be creative. I was stuck. Now, I have ideas seeping out of my pores! I feel addicted to writing, a feeling I lost a long time ago.


2. New inspiration in the kitchen

Although I’m not technically a vegetarian or vegan, the majority of our meals tend to sway in that direction. Completing the cleanse, made me open to trying new combinations i.e. Curry Cauliflower soup (with peas). I’ve also experienced a new definition of what can make up a meal. Satisfaction can be found from all “side dishes” or all veggie dishes on my plate, as opposed to the typical American meal of meat, veg and starch. I was eating healthy, but the cleanse made me realize how much more I could be doing.


3. Mindfulness while eating

Half way through the cleanse, I started “noticing” my food. Tastes, flavors and combinations were more vibrant. Instead of shoveling my food into my face at a rapid pace, I had slowed down. I was chewing and really taking notice of what my tastebuds were “feeling”.


4. Closeness to my husband

Similar to what I experienced with my tastebuds, I became more open and aware of my husband. His hugs seemed more powerful and secure, grounded, his kisses tender and purposeful and even the tone of his voice at “good night” seemed clearer and more present.  


5. Grateful

Sometimes our lives become foggy. It’s hard to see the path that lies ahead when we’re stuck in the haze of eat, work, eat. The cleanse made the sun brighter, the children more defined and my life simpler. It doesn’t have to be about gain and more. If you stop and RESET your body and mind, it can just be yours…real, bountiful, gracious, love.


I’m not saying that the cleanse was the end all, be all. I am just so surprised at the many ways in which it effected my life. I thought, at the most, it would make my body healthier. It did. It shed just the right amount of light in the corners that had become dim.


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