Why I did a Whole Foods Cleanse

Why I did a Whole Foods Cleanse


For those of you who don’t know, my hubby and I did a 5-day whole foods cleanse last week. It was, essentially, our first cleanse, other than a failed and wimpy attempt at the Master Cleanse. Since we finished last Friday, I have been thinking about how many unexpected way the cleanse changed me, helped me and inspired me.


I did the cleanse for a number of reasons:


1. I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I figured if I want to help people change their lives, I should experience a number of things, including a cleanse.


2. I had never done a cleanse and was curious. Would I feel as great as everybody else I’ve talked to?


3. Heading towards the nasty old 4-0, I thought it would be good to clean out the corners from my younger carefree days!


4. The backs of my arms have what I call “bumples”…little bumps/pimples. I wanted to see if it might be food related.


5. Last, and certainly least from my point of view, I wanted to see if I would lose any weight and experience a jumpstart in my metabolism.


I’m learning over and over that it’s important to set intention with whatever I do. Since I did explore the “whys” behind my experience first, my spirit was able to focus and open itself to the universe. I found “answers” to all my questions and curiosities…and then some!


1. I experienced a number of ups and downs related to the cleanse that I will forever be able to share with clients that might experience the same or similar challenges while on a cleanse or other journey.


2. I really did and still do feel awesome! I have much more energy, more open and clear thoughts and a more positive outlook.


3. I’m proud of myself for going through with the cleanse and giving my body a break.


4. There was a small improvement to my bumples, but the search continues with that.


5. I lost 15 pounds! I don’t necessarily feel like I lost that much and I don’t really look any different, but that’s what the scale said. (FYI – I don’t own a scale at home. I don’t believe in weighing myself everyday…once a year is good for me. I weighed myself in this particular situation just so I would know what to share with future clients.)


A whole foods cleanse is so easy. There aren’t any magic potions or crazy ingredients. Just eating real good food. If you’ve ever thought about trying a cleanse…just do it, you’ll learn so much about yourself and the world around you!


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