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Baby Kale Health

Water check!

glass of water with straw

It’s that time again. I wanted to check in and remind you to drink your water! It’s so simple, yet so hard to remember, and sometimes just so uninteresting;)

When I’m out ‘n about, I have a specific water bottle that I use – not in love with it, but I like the size. (I’m always on the lookout for the perfect water bottle!) When I’m home, I try to choose one of my nicer glasses or a pint glass to drink ice water out of. However, this weekend I wanted something different, but I wasn’t sure what. My water intake has been way less than stellar, and I’m always looking for new ways to motivate myself to drink more water! I spent awhile looking through my cupboards. I ended up with one of my smoothie cups, complete with a reusable straw. It only holds 16 oz., but the straw is what I needed this time. I’ve been sucking down water like crazy ever since!

What’s your trick to drinking more water?

I do add fruit to my water sometimes. Fruit infused water switches it up and even adds some vitamins, too.

Ice or no ice? I’ve been on a no ice kick, but yesterday I wanted ice…and a straw!

Do you use your FitBit to help you drink more water?

Here’s a few reminders of why we need to drink ½ our body weight in ounces every day:

1. Physical performance

If you’re dehydrated, you’re likely to experience fatigue and lack of motivation during your workout or exercise. Not being properly hydrated can make your workout seem much harder. YUCK!

2. Weight loss

Drinking a good amount of water everyday can boost your metabolic rate and make you feel full for longer. To lose weight, drink water cold so that your body has to expend energy to heat it up.

3. Flush Toxins

Over time, toxins build up in our bodies causing fatigue. Water helps to carry those toxins to the kidneys where they can be flushed out of the body.

Not to mention, water consumption can prevent constipation, gastritis, heart burn, ulcers, migraines and kidney stones.

Go drink some water…

No really, go drink some water…right now!

Baby Kale Health

Your Nightly Ritual for Better Sleep

For the past few Valentine’s Days, I’ve tried to focus on all matters of the heart! It’s a great day to focus on and learn about heart healthy foods, stress management and exercise habits. This year, I want to dive deeper into stress management because I believe it’s the root cause of many chronic diseases and illnesses.

Did you know:

· 1 in 5 Americans experience extreme stress, such as heart palpitations, depression and shaking

· Work stress causes 10% of all strokes

· 3 out of 4 Dr. visits are for stress-related ailments

· Stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%

· Stress increases the risk of a heart attack by 25%

· Stress increases the risk of a stroke by 50%

These numbers are super scary to me. Especially because many of my clients that I work with are effected by stress in some manner. Symptoms of too much stress include trouble sleeping, muscle aches, headaches, migraines, fatigue and gastrointestinal problems.

Today, I want to focus on one method to help you fall asleep and stay asleep!

I want you to create a bedtime ritual that will help your body realize that it’s time to go to sleep. By having a ritual, your body will learn the steps and start to relax faster.

Your ritual might look something like this:

·  Light a candle

·  Play soft music

·  Wash your face with warm water

·  Apply moisturizer

·  Floss teeth

·  Brush teeth

·  Go to the bathroom

·  Climb into bed

·  Self massage and apply relaxing essential oils on your feet (lavender, frankincense, vetiver,         cedarwood)

·  Turn the light off

·  Blow out the candle

These are just a few little things woven together to allow you time for self care, time to let go of the daily grind, and time for just you. Start today, so your heart can begin to heal from all that stress.

Sooo, what does your nightly ritual look like? Take some time right now to jot down your unique ritual. 

Baby Kale Health

Healthy Recipe Makeover: Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings"


I’m not a huge football fan, especially when it’s not the Broncos. However, I do like to watch the Super Bowl (AKA the commercials and the half-time show!) AND I absolutely LOVE making yummy food to munch on during the game!

This year we stayed home – just the four of us, but the hubby and I still wanted good Super Bowl food! He loves the Buffalo Cauliflower wings that I’ve made before, so he requested those with some chili.

I decided to try a little bit of a batter on the Cauliflower this time and it absolutely worked! Usually, I just roast the cauliflower with olive oil s & p, and then toss them in some wing sauce, which you can totally do if you’re short on time!

This time I made a little batter.

Here’s how I made it:

2/3 cup garbanzo bean flour

Approx. ½ a bottle of gluten removed beer

2 Tbs. tomato paste

Garlic powder

Smoked paprika

Threw all of these ingredients in the processer and blended. Then, tossed them with the Cauliflower and roasted at 450 for about 20 minutes. Then, I tossed them with the wing sauce! Super easy and totally satisfied my craving for something super hot and spicy!

I totally messed up with the kids, though! I got so excited, I forgot to hold some back to toss with some bbq sauce instead of the wing sauce that would cause my non-spicy-loving girls severe angst! There’s always next time!

Believe me, it doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl for these GF and Vegan “wings”! They totally satisfy the need for something naughty while being totally healthy! LOVE IT! I can't wait to add these to my salad today!