Trail Mix Treasures

trail mix

It’s such a simple well-known snack that sometimes it gets overlooked, but trail mix truly is the perfect snack for anytime!

Recently, I realized that my family and I were reaching for the pre-packaged snacks more than I feel comfortable with. Yes, it’s easy. And, yes, I try to pick items that are healthful with few ingredients, but I can’t help but KNOW how much better homemade snacks are! Sooooo, I decided to start making different trail mixes every week for snacks. (I think traditional trail mix is how I ended up stepping away from it as a snack – I got bored, and didn’t really think to switch it up!)

Last week, I was inspired by some dried apples that I bought at Natural grocers. They were full rings, but I wanted to stretch them and make them last longer, so I cut them smaller. I threw in some almonds, craisins and a small portion of white chocolate chips. My girls were psyched about it so much that the trail mix was their number one request every day!

This week a container of dried pineapple caught my eye. I toasted some cashews to make them crunchier, added in some flaked coconut, a few craisins (really, just for color because it all looked so pale!) and then some dark chocolate chips.

Why is trail mix the perfect snack?

Protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The nuts fill you up and keep you full, and the dried fruit gives you quick energy for exercise. The sweet and salty combo satisfies any craving you might have!

Since I decided to try this, I’ve been scoping out and brainstorming some new possibilities to add in to the mix. Here’s a few ideas I have for future trail mixes:

· Yogurt covered raisins

· Yogurt covered almonds

· Chocolate covered nuts

· Dried papaya

· Curry cashews

· Maple walnuts

· Maple walnuts with sesame seeds

· Tamari almonds

· Sundried tomatoes (I know, but I’m going to try it!)

· Yogurt covered pretzels (broken into smaller pieces)

· Popcorn

· Cereal

· Freeze dried fruit

· All kinds of seeds

· Peanut butter chips

I’m trying to stick with whole foods and minimal effort on this commitment. Hopefully I can make a new bucket of trail mix happen every week. Follow me on Instagram (Babykalehealth) to track my #trailmixtreasures. Wish me luck!