Rainbow Week 2017


My Daughters’ school just finished Rainbow Week. As part of the Health and Wellness committee at their school, I was highly involved in all of the events.

We sent home a nutrition and health bingo card with different activities for the kids to do, including try a yellow vegetable, crab walk for 5 minutes and relax or do yoga for 10 minutes. We also provided fruit infused water during their lunch periods, and they received a rainbow stamp if they brought fresh fruits or veggies to school. We sent home a Rainbow Challenge worksheet, which gave each member of the family space to keep track of the number and colors of the fruits and veggies they ate. It was a fun week, and I received great feedback from both students and parents.

In honor of Rainbow Week, my kids cooking class made Rainbow Veggie pinwheels. So simple and so fun for the kids, but still super awesome for adults!

I brought cream cheese and hummus to use as “glue”, asparagus, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, micro greens (which they were all super curious about!), multiple colors of peppers, grape tomatoes, spinach and basil. While the class started out not-so-excited about veggies, they were all super jazzed by the time they left. I LOVE classes like that! They made such beautiful creations – “for their parents” – and then ended up eating it themselves!! (In my class, my students do NOT have to try anything they don’t want to, which takes so much pressure off of them!)

Ever since class last week, I’ve been craving and obsessed with veggie wraps. I thought it might be a great thing to share with you…to help you switch up the norm lunch salad or sandwich, OR to give you some inspiration for lunchboxes!

Here’s some ideas for your Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels:

- Use ricotta, cream cheese or nut butter and fruit instead of veggies

- Sprinkle fruit with cinnamon

- Use ricotta cheese or goat cheese

- Use all sorts of seeds or sliced nuts

- Cut the finished wrap in half or cut them into thinner pinwheels

- Use different types of wraps: corn tortillas, gluten free, spinach, tomato basil, etc.

- Instead of hummus or cream cheese, use smashed up beans like white, pinto, or black

- Use nori wraps, rice paper or collard greens instead of tortillas

There are all sorts of variations that you could do, just make sure to get those fresh, vibrant colors in their first!


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