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Baby Kale Health

Rainbows All Around Us...Rainbow Chard

rainbow chard

I didn’t grow up eating Chard. In fact, I didn’t eat many green vegetables at all…let alone any color of vegetables! I was a very picky eater (I symbolize hope for all of you Moms of picky eaters!). I don’t know what or how it happened, but after college I became very interested in cooking, exploring new foods, and eating healthy.

Now, I try every day to teach my kids through cooking, grocery shopping, and just random facts at the dinner table about food and nutrition. I have to admit I got really lucky because my oldest became obsessed with salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil at a very early age. If I put any kind of veggies in some sort of vinegar, she’ll at least try them! Her enthusiasm for salads and vinegar has definitely influenced my youngest, who is not as obsessed with vinegar, but likes it. She’s branching out to different types of vinegars now.

So, what did I do with the gorgeous Rainbow Chard I received in my Door to Door Organics box the other day? Yep, added vinegar!

Rainbow Chard Health Benefits

As with any dark leafy green, Rainbow Chard is a nutrition powerhouse that can be eaten raw (not as bitter as spinach), and is sturdy enough to hold up in soups, stews or gratins.

Here’s what it’s loaded with and good for:

- One of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet!

- Packed with Iron – combine with vitamin C to help your body absorb the Iron.

- Excellent source of fiber

- Virtually fat free (depending on what you put with it!)

- Tons of Vitamin K (brain and nervous system function)

- Loaded with calcium for bone health

- Regulates blood sugar (especially good for diabetics)

Here's a super simple way to make up some Chard, whether it's Rainbow or Swiss.

Garlicky Balsamic Chard

1. Chop up the chard.

2. Smash a couple cloves of garlic (leave it whole to get the flavor, but not the pungent pieces).

3. Throw it all in a sauté pan with a little olive oil. (Maybe just a tsp. of olive oil – no slimy greens allowed!)

4. Wait until the chard wilts down a little and then add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. (Be mindful about the level of wilting – you don’t want mushy greens)

5. Cook off the vinegar and EAT! (Make sure to remove the whole garlic cloves)

Options: You could throw in some red onion, toasted nuts and seeds or maybe even apple and golden raisins!

Baby Kale Health

Something Outta Nothing!

Grand Canyon

My family and I recently returned from a short spring break vacation to Grand Canyon National Park. I love getting outta Dodge for a change of pace. I feel re-inspired, invigorated and excited for new things to come. While I love coming back home, trying to find something to feed my family before a trip to the grocery story is tricky! However, I love the challenge of using what I have to make something tasty. I love digging into the depths of my cupboards and fridge, and often create something new and exciting!

Today, I was scrounging for lunch. I found leftover Mexican black beans (they were still good)…sweet, taco salad – one of my all-time favs! But no greensā˜¹. I kept digging through my almost empty fridge and found one kale leaf, green peppers, radishes, shredded carrots and some hatch green chili. Perfect! I chopped up all the veggies and mixed them with the green chili, warmed up my beans, added some chips and dug in.

Crunchtastic taco salad

I actually really liked the addition of all the crunchy veg. Usually I stick to the same ol’ greens, beans and salsa with chips. This was so much more flavorful, crunch-tastic and interesting. My taco salads will forever be changed!

Here’s my Top 5 Tips For Making “Something Outta Nothing!”

1. Check out the leftover situation to see if there’s anything you can build on. Meat, beans, salads, rice, quinoa, etc.

2. Look for fresh produce. If there isn’t anything, look for frozen fruits and veg. Canned fruits and veggies just aren’t as fresh and nourishing as fresh or frozen.

3. Got any cans of beans? You can always make something with some beans. For example, soup, salads, smashed up dip or sandwich spread, etc.

4. Would a sauce or dip really make or break your creation? Look for vinegars, salsas, mustards, citrus, fresh herbs, dried herbs, greek yogurt or sour cream, etc.

5. Is your creation warm or cold, in a bowl, on a plate, in a wrap, on top of bread, etc.? Sometimes it helps to figure this out first.

I’m a true believer that you can always make something out of nothing, and it might even be better than something you specifically shopped for!