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A recipe has no SOUL. As a cook, you must bring soul to the recipe!
- Thomas Keller

I'm truly grateful you've taken the time to check out my website. My name is Robyn Johnson. I am a Food and Wellness Educator, Holistic Health Coach and Healthy Cooking Coach. I teach individuals, families, kids, and even couples how to eat healthier, cook awesome homemade meals, and make tiny yet significant lifestyle changes. You deserve to be happy, healthy and confident in your body. Let me help you find what works for you.


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Baby Kale Health
Baby Kale Health

Getting Batty with Kids in the Kitchen

I’ve learned a lot in the past 3 years teaching after school kids’ cooking classes. The most poignant is that kids love food. They love to explore food, cook food, use their hands to crush and smoosh, learn about different foods, and even taste when they are ready! I love watching different kids work with food in their own unique way.

Yesterday, my cooking class got ready for Halloween with some batty snacks. We made BAT BITES! It was so fun to see their creativity shine in this project.


Aren't they cute?! Love 'em!

Here is the recipe if you’re looking for a great Halloween snack to make with or for your kids!

Baby Kale Health
Baby Kale Health

Love for Baby Kale Health!

My 9 year old son was a picky eater who was having severe stomach pains when he ate. We took him to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist who determined that he was severely constipated which is why he was in so much pain. I knew the root problem was that he wasn't getting enough fruits and vegetables in his diet, and I didn't know what to do. then I met Robyn.

I thank God that I met Robyn and asked for her help. From the moment she entered the picture, her demeanor was calm and she was non judgmental and supportive. We met regularly in my home at a time that worked into my schedule. We set short-term and long-term goals for my family that were realistic and achievable. She primarily met with me but she also included my 9 year old twins on several occasions. Robyn showed me how to make food "fun".

She focused on our strengths rather than our weaknesses to achieve this goal. One example: my son talked non-stop about Japan, so Robyn turned this idea into "Japanese night": We had the twins participate in a healthy Japanese stir-fry that they got to prepare and then eat.

I realized that kids like choices and they like to have fun with food. She introduced my twins to new concepts like "the rainbow of colors" and we implemented lots of great, yet simple ideas, like filling muffin tins with various colors of fruits and vegetables that the kids could sample and snack on. And before long, I had moved my two-tiered fruit basket out to the center of the kitchen table, and it became a colorful centerpiece in the room and a constant reminder about the importance of whole foods.

I then implemented a rule that the twins had to take something from the fruit basket before snacking on anything else. Robyn introduced me to new ideas and new foods as well as lots of resource information including handouts that I keep in a notebook. She even took me to Natural Grocers, at my request, and gave me a tour of the store.

Her accurate and insightful observations, combined with her gentle and caring suggestions, helped me make a few simple changes that I feel good about. Having Robyn in our lives has given me the courage to keep trying new things and to keep encouraging my family to make healthy choices.

I plan to have Robyn come back from time to time to "check in" with us and see how we are doing. I can't wait to see her again!

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